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Hey guys. I’m sorry about the lack of action (tee hee) that the blog has seen recently. Summer has been absolutely insane with work, summer reading and all of that simply delightful stuff. I haven’t forgotten about the blog, and from now until mid – January will be updating on a more frequent basis. I’m also having a peachy time translating the introduction from a facsimile of the manuscript called “Le Code Voynich”. But yeah, I’m knee – deep in resources, and am trying my best to actually get this stuff really underway. Stay tuned.



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I finally decided to get a blog for my thesis based on the Voynich Manuscript. The papers, files, everything I was printing out on this thing just became too much of a mess. Thus, this blog was born! (Imaginary celebration happening inside computer) This site is meant not only to record my sources, but also to share my thoughts, ideas, and ultimately, my final theory which will serve as my thesis. Once I begin posting my thoughts, I encourage anyone who sees a flaw, oddity, etc, to bring it to my attention and discuss it. I very much wish to develop the strongest plausible theory about the Manuscript that I can. (By “I” I mean “we”. I will be placing emphasis on building a group of individuals that may be able to crack the Manuscript once and for all.) Many of the online forums relevant to the Voynich Manuscript are either dead, or so few people post anymore that it is no longer an “active” source.

My plan is not to DECIPHER this thing. I just wish to develop some sort of theory that can logically point to a who, what, where, when, and why, without having any irrational flaws. Finding these five key points may very well open the doors needed to solve the mystery surrounding the Voynich Manuscript.

The five keys in more detail are:

Who: Who was/were the author/authors for this manuscript? The odds of the Manuscript having more than one author are great, but what was their least common denominator? What did they have in common? Who were the owners throughout history?

What : This should go without saying. What the HELL is this thing? What do the drawings mean? IS there any meaning? What are the plants? The “tubing”? Etc.

Where: Where was this thing made? We know that Rudolph II had something to do with it, so Prague is a possibility. The Czech Republic and Bohemia are also possibilities. This is the one area that I know the least about.

When: When it was made. Again, pinpointing an EXACT date is not easy. But by no means is it impossible.

Why: Ah, the fun one. (And by “fun” I mean “wow this is going to be bloody impossible to figure out. This kid is obviously a lunatic”.) Yes. Yes I am. But that shouldn’t stop us from finding an arguable solution. The botanical diagrams, the star charts, the “utopia” found on the Rosettes Pages, the side illustration with a naked female with a shower/tennis racket in her mouth…What are they for? Is it a manual for alchemy? An astrological guidebook for the occult sciences? Instructions on how to build THE better mousetrap? The possibilities are endless. Let’s try and pin one down.

If anyone has any information or websites that would be helpful to the search, please send them to me, so that I may post them onto the link page. (Do I have a link page on this thing?) Also, if you would like to contribute any of your own ideas theories, etc, please comment this (or any other upcoming post) so that they can be viewed!



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